I pray that I’m wrong, but deep down in my heart
I know that I’m not, and it tears me apart
The nightmare’s unfolding just outside our door
But inside we’re calm as we lie on the floor
And gaze at the fire, entranced by the flames
A million miles from sordid mind games

But outside they’re busy rewriting the rules
Not putting out fires but pouring on fuel
If you care you’re a traitor, if you hate you’re a saint
Well I’ve news for you buddy: you bloody well ain’t

Take a look out the window, breathe the ash-laden air
Wake up, smell the coffee… while it’s still there
Watch out for brown bodies floating on by
While you chant “all lives matter” with a wink of the eye

God knows how you sleep at night; I sure as hell don’t
The heatwaves, floods, forest fires, the ice caps are toast
Now “once in a lifetime” is “once in five years”
And when I look at my kids I have to hold back the tears
But sure, we’re the bad guys, disrupting your trade
God save the economy
So Bezos gets paid.